It ain’t easy! I have to tell you, my months-long business travel dry spell is starting to grate on me. My eyelids aren’t twitching yet, but that’s sure to come any minute. It’s gotten so bad that I’m semi-excited about a 1 hour Southwest flight to Ohio next Saturday! Now that’s saying something! At least my flight back is on US Airways so I pick up a few miles and elite qualifying segments. Then there’s the Frequent Traveler University to look forward to in late April. I am taking the train up and flying back for cheap and easy elite qualifying segments. Yes, I’m flying Newark – Philadelphia – DC. Go ahead, call me crazy! πŸ™‚

If I could find really cheap fares right now, I might think about a little mileage running to tide me over, and save me the trouble of the end of year dash for status. Not in the cards either. There are no cheap fares (well, not many) and I need to conserve cash for our October/November cruising extravaganza from Venice to Barcelona. Speaking of which, one way I’m dealing with not traveling is planning that trip. Look for future posts on the planning of a 3-week vacation. (I can’t believe I’m going on a 3-week vacation!)

It’s no fun being off the road, but this, like all things will eventually pass. Any other travelers out there sticking close to home lately? Share your tips for dealing with it here!