I came across an interesting article this week about some of the things hotels are looking for when hiring a college intern.

A summer internship can lead to full-time work and then possibly a career, so it can be helpful to get tips on what sets successful candidates apart. Even though knowing how to coordinate tasks and work independently is good, according to the article by Skift hiring managers are looking for more than just skills behind the computer.

One thing that especially stands out is great customer interaction, which I think is ultra-important in every single industry there is. It goes hand in hand with listening to the customer’s needs and then taking action. Small hotels may offer interns more opportunities for delivering as well, to finish the tasks they’ve been committed to.

Another green flag from interviewers is the potential employee’s passion to learn as much as they can about their temporary area of business. Large hotels are likely to pay attention to interns who are eager to build their resumes.

Classroom instruction is also necessary but just memorizing the processes isn’t good enough. The article summed up what one of the key factors is by saying it really comes down to a genuine interest in helping guests feel happy with their stay.

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