Yesterday we saw Expedia run a flash sale offering a 8% off coupon, and today is running a sale that is similar.

The 8% off coupon is good for hotel bookings made by 11:59pm MT tomorrow, December 4, 2016 for travel through March 31, 2017. Packages including flights and such aren’t part of the sale. Most major hotel chains are excluded from the coupon use, and note that Rewards won’t be earned on the booking with the coupon.

The offer is intended for email subscribers and mobile app users. I received a promo code via email, so if you are a subscriber you may want to check your email for a promo code.


I won’t be using my promo code, so it is available for a lucky reader, first-come first-served.

Here’s a link to the promotion page.

Use promo code EMLDF8.

An interesting thing about this coupon is that it can be used to make up to 5 bookings, rather than just single-use.

8% isn’t a ton, but a coupon is a coupon. I hope some readers are able to receive and take advantage of the offer today.