Fusion Suites Vung Tau Hotel in Vietnam (set to open in 2019) will have a very unusual feature – playground style indoor slides instead of an elevator.

When brainstorming ideas for the property, someone must have thought that using elevators to get from one floor to the next in a hotel was very passé.

Instead, the 20 floor property with 171 guest suites (all-suite hotel) will have fun tubular steel slides to connect the different levels.

Photo credit: Fusion Suites

I immediately pictured hotel guests gleefully/frantically trying to hold onto a rollerboard while speeding down a single long slide to reception in the style of Chutes & Ladders, which made me laugh. Then I realized that of course the slides would be just one floor each, removing the majority of potential insurance claims.

Chutes & Ladders photo credit: Uncyclopedia

Situated in the middle of popular tourist destination Vung Tau, the hotel gives a nod to its seaside resort town location with large pastel colored windows throughout.

The hotel will also have a rooftop swimming pool and cocktail bar, restaurant, coffee lounge, spa, and meeting rooms. Obviously, there will be standard elevators available as well.

This is the second location for the brand, with the first Fusion Suites located in Saigon.

Have you ever stayed at a hotel that had a slide inside the hotel (rather than a waterslide)? I haven’t, and have only heard of one more – the RedDot hotel in Taiwan. If I ever stay at a hotel with a slide I’d definitely give it a try!