I recently completed a 1-night stay at the beautiful Hyatt at Olive 8 in downtown Seattle. Relatively speaking, MrsMJ and I don’t get to travel together that often, so I wanted to do something special for our night in Seattle. I sprang for a suite upgrade, and that turned out to be the only wrinkle in the experience. I called the Diamond desk, the upgrades were available, but whoever was answering the phone at the hotel was having real issues processing the upgrade. The Diamond desk agent kept checking in with me, and finally we agreed that they would just email me when it was taken care of….. it took a total of 40 minutes to get it done. Not cool. But that was the one and only problem of the stay and of the trip. I’ll stay at the hotel again, it was very nice, the staff I interacted with were great, and it’s in a great location for access to all Seattle offers.

Getting There

This was an easy one – Seattle is an Uber town. I lucked out with getting a car just a few doors away, and the driver was outside in just a minute or two. We were off to the hotel. Flat rate fare – $55.00. A little more than a cab (which happened to cost us $40 with tip from the train station back to the airport 3 days later), but well worth it. Trip time – 21 minutes.

Checking In

Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted and offered assistance with our luggage, which we didn’t need. We walked inside to find no queue for the desk, and were assisted by a polite front desk attendant. I was thanked for my loyalty as a Diamond member, and offered my choice of amenities – I went with points this time. Then she said something that bugged me, “we’ve upgraded you to one of our large king rooms.” But what about the suite? I decided to play this one by ear and see what happened. With that, we were off to our room, 1467.

The Room

Upon opening the door, I realized this wasn’t just any old large king room….it was a suite afterall. Not only was it a suite, it was bigger than 3 of my first apartment, and the space may have rivaled the livable square footage of our home in Atlanta!


Just after turning left from the entry way

The suite was large and inviting, offering all the comforts of home and then some….minus cooking capabilities. It was a 1.5 bath, king suite with comfortable furnishings, great Hyatt bed, living area, bedroom area, dual closets, a hall closet, and a really awesome bath. MrsMJ was pleased with my hotel choice. I win. 🙂 I shot a few more photos for your review.

Suite living area with view of downtown


 Desk with audio panel and power outlets


Wet bar

Passing from the living area into the bedroom, one finds a nice king bed and sitting area. Split closets adorned the hallway leading into the main bath area. Just the bed and bath were larger than most hotel rooms.




Closet with an identical one on the other side of the hall


Bath robe

One of my favorite features of the room was the bath area, complete with dual vanities, television in the mirror, large tub, and separate walk-in shower.


Bath tub


Awesome walk-in shower


Separate toilet area

If you couldn’t tell, we liked the room! 🙂

Around the Hotel

I would not have burned an upgrade, were it not for celebrating the opportunity to travel with MrsMJ. It was worth the upgrade cert. The room was awesome. The only bad thing was not getting to spend a great deal of time exploring, so I’m going to default to a couple of my favorites from trips past. For restaurants, I always stop by The Brooklyn whenever I am in Seattle. One of the most fun places to sit is the kitchen bar (it probably has a fancier name) where you can watch chefs at work. If you have a car, or want to venture beyond walking distance and head to Salty’s Alki Beach. Great seafood, and even better, the views of downtown Seattle. Unfortunately, I did not sample the hotel restaurant/bar scene during this trip…a situation I will correct next time.

The Bottom Line

The hotel is a great property in a great location. I enjoyed the stay, and I will be back.