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Highlights: Westin San Francisco Airport

The lady made an excellent point – that where you find a sub-par Aloft experience, you will find a Westin that outshines in every category. Not sure if this Westin was above expectations, but coming from the Aloft SFO, this Westin was a fresh of breath air.

Very similar to the Westin Baltimore, we escaped to a heavenly hotel with strong internet, delicious breakfast, good gym and pool, and a lovely layout. The service at this Westin was exquisite, and my favorite parts would be the breakfast and beauty of the hotel.


Lobby & Check-in

A long hallway, with Platinum and Gold SPG check-in further away from the entrances. There are two entrances and exits to the hotel, one leading from the parking lot of the Aloft, and the other to the main entrance and Westin parking lot. Upon check-in, I learned that Millbrae does not allow free drinks as an amenity.

How interesting, but they did offer a couple complimentary drinks from their little amenities shop next to the check-in area.



As I arrived early, I took the first available room – which did not have as nice as view had I waited. But, I was in a rush and wanted to be settled. This room was pretty standard, overlooking a parking lot, and manufacturing plant or distribution center. This Westin is in a spoke formation, so no room was terribly far from the elevator. Pretty convenient.


Hotel Space / Ambiance

Caters to business travelers (Airport hotel) as well as young professionals. I saw many a steward, flight attendant, or pilot, as the hotel is next to San Francisco International Airport and has regularly running airport shuttles.

Parking is $25/day but they were proactive about inquiring to whether we had a car, and issuing us a valid hotel key which would allow for in and out privileges.

The ambiance is very efficient, and with the Grill and Vine bar and restaurant next to the elevator, this Westin can accommodate guests and their needs.

Outdoor view of the Westin at night

Outdoor view of the Westin at night


Food & Drink

This hot breakfast was worlds better than the limited options at Aloft. It included a hot buffet, juices, pastries. They also had a fruit smoothie – not typically found in basic hot hotel breakfasts. However, their made-to-order selections were a bit sparse, with the only option being two eggs. No omelette, etc.

Also, we stayed here for several days and ordered two eggs over medium each time. Perhaps they habitually undercook, but each time both eggs were extremely runny. 



This gym was interesting, located in what was the second floor but felt like a basement. The ceilings were especially low, and more than once while lifting weights (yes, I do that) I bumped the ceiling. Take care and watch yourself.



We returned to this hotel several more times in the upcoming days, and each time we had the same quality of service and experience. I was very pleased with this hotel, and I would argue its value approaches the point cost (of 10,000 Starpoints). The customer service agents were especially receptive to unusual requests, such as package handling. I had my passport shipped to this hotel, and not only do they receive/handle guest packages without a charge, they also were able to immediately notify me of its arrival. Very much appreciated, and I will be sure to return here should I need a hotel at SFO!


Featured Image is the exterior of the Westin San Francisco Airport, from the hotel website.


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