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Highlights: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

This is one of my favorite resorts in Las Vegas, and I’m so thrilled to be back here for Christmas 2018. It was just two nights of my huge 11-night trip, but it was my favorite part. I recorded a podcast for Pizza In Motion from my studio suite, and had great fortune gambling on the property. I enjoyed the food (as always) and was able to score two comped resort fees for some minor issues.

Highlights include the pizza from the Secret Pizza Place on the third floor, and the fact that the entire stay was comped! I leveraged a comp offer from Mandalay Bay to Cosmopolitan for two nights in a studio suite, and got resort fees waived off as well!



Lobby is off Las Vegas Blvd next to the Chelsea Tower, a far walk in from the Strip and adjacent hotels (Aria, NYNY). Of course, if you have Marriott status take advantage of the Autograph lounge for some complimentary beverages and a much quieter check-in area. Status also grants $10 free food credit per stay, which is nice.



As we arrived late we were not given an upgrade, and the studio suite was only slightly larger than a basic hotel room. It did have a balcony overlooking the Strip, and a small desk. The bathroom was glorious, with a large tub, and separate sinks – useful for couples or groups. Room internet was one of my highlights as well – one click sign-on, no ridiculous requirements, charges, or device limits. Just click and go.



As we checked in a couple days before Christmas, it was filled with adults and children, young and old. We saw plenty of groups of revelers, ready to enjoy themselves. It was lively at all hours of the day, and especially so around midnight when we were hunting on the casino floor.



This time around we enjoyed the Las Vegas Advisor coupons for Buy one get one at Wicked Spoon with our parents. It was decent as always, but not as good as Bacchanal. Don’t forget that Marriott Platinum gets access to the VIP line and an additional 15% off. Comes to $107 before tax for 6 people! Not bad at all. The lady and I also enjoyed the Secret Pizza Place. For $5-6 a slice, it was decent, but I’d still prefer Pin-Up Pizza at Planet Hollywood for better value.



The fitness center, located in the Chelsea Tower, hasn’t changed. It’s a very long gym, with different sections for different types of machines, a weight room, yoga room, etc.



I feel I should write more about casinos and making money, since that is such an enjoyable topic. This trip netted a final count of $1,828, where probably close to a thousand of that came from the Cosmo on the last couple nights. We discovered a couple new Advantage Play games, which were very lucrative. This hotel is also very close to the Aria, connected by a skybridge through the Shop at Crystals, so it was easy to check the machines there too.

God, I can’t wait to go back. I may actually work to earn their status levels (known as Identity) to get to Sterling. I earned about 30% towards the next level, and easily can make up the rest through more gambling/spending next time. If you haven’t been to or stayed at the Cosmopolitan, I highly suggest that you do. Also, according to their site, it has won numerous awards for top hotel and best place to visit. Of course, I can totally see why!



However, we did have some minor room issues – the sinks didn’t drain properly, and some towels we got from housekeeping had black stains, which looked like oil slicks. I let the front desk know before checking out, and they waived one resort fee and about $10 of room charges. Upon actually checking out (on Christmas Day!) I let them know about the issues again, and asked for the second resort fee to be waived (because it’s Christmas!) The agent checked with her manager, and he waived it – because it is Christmas! That sealed the deal for this trip – of the entire eleven-night stay, all eleven resort fees were waived! Amazingly, this saved me about $80 for the Cosmo alone.




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