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Highlights: SpringHill Suites Los Angeles LAX/Manhattan Beach

This close-to-airport hotel is nothing special and serves its purpose well. Close enough to be a short drive, but far enough to lack a airport shuttle, Springhill Suites got the job done. Late checkout, good internet & service, fulfills the basic requirements of any hotel. While I found their breakfast lacking (basic continental), their flexibility made up for it – an evening manager allowed me to redeem my platinum gift for a $15 bottle of Chardonnay as an exception (as compared to a snack/beer/drink probably worth $4-7).


Lobby & Check-in

Lobby is to the left, with the breakfast, business center, and lounging area to the right. The welcome gift for platinum guests of 200 Marriott points or an item from the Market was quite interesting. 200 Marriott comes to about 67 SPG, but even at the most conservative estimates at 3cpp, comes to, wait for it, a whopping $2! After receiving a luggage as a wedding gift, and the fact that I was flying Southwest, I got a bottle of wine to bring home. They made an exception they said, since the platinum gift was restricted to non-wine items only. This is probably the highlight of the trip, as they bent the rule to take an overpriced bottle of Chardonnay from the market, rather than a soda or basic snack.



They gave me the first available room as requested, one of their “executive” suites. Roughly the same size as the others, but comes with complimentary parking (saving me $12).


Hotel Space / Ambiance

I saw only families here – close to the airport and popular destinations in Santa Monica / Venice, etc, but far enough to require a car. Not too many people on a Sunday night, but that could be seasonal.


Food & Drink

No club lounge, and basic, family-hotel-level breakfast. Quite disappointing, but to be expected for a hotel of this caliber. Breakfast included eggs, some very poor looking turkey sausage, pastries, some fruit, and a juice machine.



Fitness Center

Springhill Suites includes a pool – designed well for families and their young ones, as well as a decent fitness center. It was clean, equipped with weight racks and bench, a couple ellipticals, and a couple treadmills. Honestly, I was surprised it was as nice as it was. However, there is no water machine – so be sure to bring your own?



This one, I actually paid a cash rate for (~$130 or so, after tax) for a couple of good reasons. First, there were no good point redemption hotels in this area, and secondly, Marriott’s promotion of two stays earns me a free night at category 1-5 hotel helps make it worthwhile. I ever so rarely pay a cash rate for a hotel, but this was one of them. With the ample parking, free with an executive suite (thank you platinum status) and decent service, Springhill Suites LAX served its purpose.


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