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Highlights: Park MGM Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Park MGM, formerly the Monte Carlo Las Vegas, is recently renovated albeit with the same general layout. However, it is brighter and more advanced, with kiosks driving the bulk of check-in, and a small guest services desk tucked away around the corner from the bell desk. Highlights include the complimentary upgrade to the Nightingale suite, as well as their efficiency and service. Internet was still finicky and I had to log in multiple times a day, but they comped off one resort fee for my trouble. Checkout went smoothly but required additional follow up to have them properly charge my MGM gift card and refund my credit card for the initial deposit.



Walking it is a bit disorienting, as it was not clear where to go. There are an abundance of check in kiosks, which an associate told me was a testing program before rolling it out company wide. I asked about checking in with a person and he directed me past the bell desk, to a guest services desk tucked away. I informed the associate that we were celebrating something special and she asked me to wait as she walked away. When she came back, she upgraded us to a Nightingale suite, which was greatly appreciated.



This suite on a high floor was sort of corner shaped, but very, very spacious, and equipped with a wetbar. I was very pleased with it, except for the weird lighting and lamp that seemed out of place. I had to pull the desk over to the plugs to make the connections work. Additionally, internet continued to be an issue – I never was able to log in with my room credentials, and I had to log in multiple times each day on each device.




This hotel is on the MGM side (west side) of the Strip, near the southern tip. It’s directly connected to Aria and through it the Crystal Shops, and is also on a complimentary tram line for MGM properties: Park MGM -> Aria/Crystal Shops -> Bellagio. Very convenient for our gambling purposes, as Bellagio turned out to be a gold mine. Aria was a strong staple, and we went there for food as well.



Update 5/5/19: There is a full review of the new (2019) Best Friend by Roy Choi restaurant in Park MGM here!


My publicly available offer included F&B, where MGM offered between $50 and $150 credit for a two night stay. I thus searched for the highest credit and the cheapest rate, of which Park MGM won at $43 per night. Total cost including resort fees was to be $180 for two nights, including $150 of dining credit – good at any MGM property! We used that credit & coupons from MyVegas at Wolfgang Puck and Aria Buffet, both of which were solid. I also was able to use my points to comp a drink at the Starbucks in Park MGM. Perhaps next time I will actually eat in the property, but it didn’t work out this time.

Pool Area



This fitness center was satisfactory, and also closed early. The pool area looked enjoyable and relaxing.



I would definitely come back here, especially for a food and beverage deal. It’s a significant sight better than MGM or the Luxor and I was very pleased with my experience. Note that Uber is picked up either in the front or across from the guest services desk. Service here was exemplary and very friendly, which is always a nice touch. Gambling was ample and successful at Bellagio a short jaunt away (take the tram) so we will definitely come back.

Bellagio – major money



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