Whether a first time visitor to Tokyo or a seasoned traveler, after stepping off the plane it is usually early evening. You take the Narita Express from the airport, and as you speed along you struggle to keep your eyes open, while brightly colored signs and tall buildings flash by. This was exactly how my most recent arrival went.

Once at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, I was whisked to the reception floor where I was greeted warmly and then guided to my room, the Park Suite.



Exhausted, I noticed my bags had already been thoughtfully placed in the luggage area and that there was soothing music on the TV.


A little box of welcome treats had been left, along with a card.


The blinds had been drawn, so I just took a quick look at the view outside, and I fell onto the comfortable bed for a deep sleep.



Waking up in the morning, I was delighted to find myself in one of my favorite Tokyo hotels. It really is quite a special experience.

The bathroom is large and well appointed with all the amenities one would hope for.


The amenities are by Aesop.



There’s a wonderfully oversized tub.


They even had a hairbrush and hairband in case I had forgotten mine.


The charming Toto toilet with heated seat and multiple water features. Why don’t they have these in the US?


The bed was large, firm, and had luxuriously soft sheets. A bottle of water was on the bedside table, next to the temperature controls and telephone. I appreciated having the temperature control within arm’s reach.


The sitting area of the suite was such that if I had decided to have a gathering for 10 it would not have seemed out of place.


The minibar was stocked and they had me covered, whether my preference was Sapporo or tea, nuts or sweets.





There were lots of thoughtful touches around the room.



With real plants, it felt more like a private residence than a hotel room.


I like getting up early in the morning when staying at this hotel, so I can visit the Tsukiji Market and get back in time for breakfast.



As a Hyatt Diamond, you’re spoilt for choice at the complimentary breakfast buffet. Fresh honeycomb is even offered, by way of a little run off chute and an olive wood honey dipper.


There was thinly sliced salmon, and all the proper fixings for a salad.


Fresh pastries, bread, muffins.


Meats, cheeses, and spreads. All of the utensils were carefully arranged, the food was replenished when it got low, and everything was clean. No jellies dripping off the table, no chunks of cheese flung about.


I was seated at a corner table, with a view of the misty city below. I’m not sure if it is coincidence, but the last three times we’ve been at this hotel my husband and I have been seated at this same table for breakfast. I love the little private corner it is in.



A little later in the morning I headed to the spa. At the entrance you are given a locker key and can take slippers to wear. Soft carpeting, muted wall tones, and warm wood lockers greet you as you walk down the hall.


Once inside, there are changing areas, lighted dressing tables, amenities, and showers.


I saw light snacks of nuts, dried fruit, and different kinds of tea. A tea kettle stood ready at the side with hot water.


I came across a room that was designated just for relaxing. Lounge chairs and couches were interspersed with dim lights.


There was a whirlpool bath to enjoy a soak before heading to the main attraction, the swimming pool.


I love swimming pools, and the Sky Pool is pretty amazing. High on the 47th floor of the hotel, it offers views of Mount Fuji and all around Tokyo. Once I got out of the pool, an attendant asked if I would care for a bite to eat. After a quick glance at the menu (which included a tempting King Crab sandwich), I decided to pass for the time being since I wanted to check out the incredible foodie stores in the basement of the hotel.


I rode the elevator down, and had some company. Not people, but the art installations by Mieko Yuki. Each elevator has different masks on the wall. There’s one of Napoleon as a child, one of a dog, and my favorite – a family of three mischievous monkeys. The monkeys are the opposite of the “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil”. They see and hear everything that goes on in the elevators, though I’ve never heard a peep out of them.


The second floor of the hotel near the entrance is the Pastry Boutique. They have cakes, pastries, breads, and custom bakery items. The prices are slightly steep, but if it’s quality you want, they’ve got it. They’re open from 11am to 7pm. The first floor houses a Delicatessen which has everything you could ask for at a fancy picnic. Cheeses, seafood, sandwiches, meats, and desserts. There are also delicacies from around the world, and they offer shipping.


I had a really fun time picking out some tasty treats of my own for a hotel style picnic up in the room.


I had a phenomenal stay at this property. The service is unbeatable, the room wonderful, the breakfast delicious…I can’t wait to go back!

Hyatt Category 7. 30,000 points for a free night, or 15,000 points + $300 Cash & Points redemption.

Park Hyatt Tokyo

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