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Highlights: Hyatt Place Salt Lake City Cottonwood

This company hotel was all kinds of interesting. I’ve stayed in many a Hyatt Place before, but this layout was different for the room. Service was decent, and their fitness center & pool were enjoyable. One caveat was that their shuttle service was abysmal, broken during my entire stay, and only certain associates knew about their backup plan of a third party service. Internet was slow and choppy at times, and they did not offer to make it right when I told them all these issues at the end of my stay. I would stay elsewhere.



The Hyatt Place Salt Lake City Cottonwood lobby has a clear view of their dining area, and ample seating area next to it as well. Also, the bar is situated behind the check in desk, and there is a small market area for snacks and toiletries.



I was on the top floor with an industrial view. While similar to previous Hyatt Place rooms, there was no separator between the desk, couch, and bed, making it more like a regular hotel room. The desk was not way off to one side as I have seen with others. Internet as I mentioned was poor, but they didn’t do anything and I did not have many options.



Business travelers (it’s near a corporate park) as well as families here. I saw a pizza party one afternoon with many kids about. The pool also is useful for families.

Nice Exterior



Breakfast was sad and quite depressing, but sufficient for basic needs. I would recommend eating elsewhere. There are a couple eateries within a few minute walk. Salt Lake City has plenty of good food options.

This was bland.



Fitness was decent, and they had complimentary headphones. The pool area is quite small, but they do have their own towels.



For the most part this Hyatt Place was an acceptable stay, but one of the main reasons why I chose this – the shuttle – was broken or in the shop. Many associates basically said sorry, but only a couple told me about their third party option, and were sometimes inconsistent in telling me about their hours of service. I would expect hotel staff to be better trained in these eventualities, since a 5-mile shuttle is a key part of their value proposition. There’s really no excuse for dropping the ball here.

Lastly, you’re also only a few minutes drive from the first KFC! I had to stop here, but it was of the same poor quality I expected from other KFCs. Just more historical in nature.



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