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HIGHLIGHTS: Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon

I tried to give the Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon a chance, I really did. After the previous Hilton stay I assumed those issues were limited to that place. I originally booked Blue Lagoon for six nights, but checked out in three. It was that bad – I’ve never had to do that before. Internet was terrible – slow, cuts in and out, sometimes refuses to work, sometimes connects to the incorrect one (lobby, even on the 8th floor!). Their breakfast was more than disappointing, with a $5 surcharge for the buffet. It was a nightmare and I spent more time texting the staff about everything wrong hoping to get it fixed rather than enjoying the property. There will be a separate post on it but this was definitely a tipping point for my staying at Hilton properties. Shame too as I have Hilton Diamond.



Checkin is to the right after you walk in. To the left is a gift store, and to the immediate right is the concierge, where they can assist you with requests and a shuttle to the Dolphin Mall, Florida’s largest outlet mall. Note that they also have basketballs and tennis equipment for rent, but the only basketball they had when I asked was flat – why wouldn’t they pump it up? – and they don’t have a tennis wall to practice so bring a friend. Opted to use the gym instead.



They upgraded me to a 1 bedroom suite from a basic room after I mentioned repeatedly Diamond status. I expect an upgrade, but they said it wasn’t feasible for the 6 nights that I booked. Which is frustrating, because you’re essentially penalizing more loyal customers who stay longer rather than shorter durations. Note that water is not free – at $3/bottle, I’ll pass. Also, the internet was bad. You have the option of using the code given by front desk or logging in with your Hilton account. Internet cut out repeatedly, eliminating any sort of tv, gaming, webcam, etc. use. Additionally, the light fixture near the entrance was broken, and the phone wouldn’t work. Their solution? Take the phone.

This was a very frustrating experience, compounded by the fact I had just left a previous Hilton with similar internet issues.



There was a decent mix of business travelers and families, although that doesn’t make too much sense to me since this is an airport hotel. I would expect families to stay closer to attractions.



Breakfast was either continental with the voucher, or buffet with a $5 surcharge. Buffet of hot foods was boring, but their omelette was halfway decent. Still not worth the $5, but thankfully this was expensed.

Their to-go breakfast would be decent had I not apparently grabbed a cold sandwich. A cold egg and sausage sandwich, sitting under a heat lamp, is gross. You can also grab a juice and fruit cup with it.



Gym is decent, has a good range of machines. I also used their pool to swim some laps. Note this is resort style pool like many in Miami, so you’ll find lots of lounge chairs and a bar nearby. This also means you’ll be privy to lots of smokers – who spread their disgusting poison all around the area. This made it much harder to breathe, especially when you consider the physical exertion (for me) of swimming.


Hotel Delivery


I booked six nights and checked out in three. I have never done this before, leaving early. They were kind enough to only charge me for the nights I stayed, but never once did I receive an apology or offer of points or anything like that. This location is also very out of the way – good only for business travelers who have work nearby like I did. I would definitely not stay here again and recommend against it, as there are so many other airport hotel options that are better.



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