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HIGHLIGHTS: The Capital Hotel, Little Rock

This surprisingly nice Capital Hotel, part of the Historic Hotels of America, was a very interesting experience. Their service was top notch, and I greatly appreciated the room upgrade and switching just for asking, as well as the house car to the airport. I would definitely stay here again, and am glad that the selling out of the Marriott next door led to this pleasant stay.



This lobby is massive, and very old. Opened in 1877 according to their Wikipedia, and the very posh and regal décor suits that timeframe. I checked in at the concierge desk immediately to the left of the entrance, but found out there is an actual check in desk further in. They were most helpful, and the service here is impeccable. I was able to get recommendations for food, schedule wakeup calls, and arrange the house car as transportation the next morning to the airport. Their singular elevator is larger than most cars, and their local story is that it was designed large enough to fit General Grant’s horse.



This room was very dark and enclosed, and quite small. At a whim, I called the front desk, to see if there were any complimentary upgrades available. To my surprise, they found a larger room, and even walked the keys up to my floor and walked me to the new, larger room! I haven’t experienced anything like that before as usually I would have to go downstairs and replace my keys for the new room. Additionally, their room had a nice cloth bag which I appropriated, and their turndown service was a surprise – not only do they make your bed but they also cleaned up the gigantic mess I left in the room, splaying my clothes and bags everywhere. I felt bad about that – next time I will be sure to put a privacy sign.


Hotel Bar



It is close to a dining district of Little Rock and caters to business professionals.



They had no welcome amenity, drinks, or breakfast, but did have water in the room. But, I was able to snag some delicious beer and food just a few blocks away. Many restaurants and bars are only a short distance away. I would love to come back to Little Rock and explore more of their culinary options, as that is a passion of mine. The Capital Bar and Grille also looked good from pictures online, and I’m quite sad that I did not get to experience that.



As I was free late evening, the fitness center, connected to the Capital Hotel, was closed. However, they mentioned being able to go to the Marriott Little Rock next door and use their fitness center. They called ahead on my behalf, and so I was able to work out there.


Hotel Car


As mentioned, the Capital Hotel house car to the airport was very useful and comfortable. I would definitely stay here again, at such a reasonable rate (for the area, I feel). Originally I was to book at the Marriott Little Rock, but when I booked it was sold out and I found this nearby. Perhaps next time I will be able to try the bar & grill in the hotel. Normally, I am not taken by older, regal hotels, but this one definitely grew on me. Lastly, here was also a book about the Historic Hotels of America – of which this is one, so you can learn more about the collection.



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