I recently completed a 2-night stay at this Back Bay boutique property.  The hotel was host to a friend’s wedding, and MrsMJonTravel and I took the opportunity to stay there for wedding weekend.  We flew up to Boston on US Airways, which was subject to a trip report that you can read here.

Getting There

MrsMJonTravel and took a cab from Logan, but the local subway system, “The T” is another good option.  In fact, the Prudential Station is literally right outside the front door of the hotel.  Our cab ride was very expensive, to the point that I think we may have gotten taken.  Granted, the tolls leaving the airport inflate the fare as soon as you get in the tab, but still.  Our cab ride TO the hotel was nearly $40 dollars with tip, while our cab ride to the airport was just under $25 dollars.  You do the math.

Checking In

We arrived at the hotel prior to the standard 3PM check in time, but our room was ready anyway.  Only one person was working the desk, but we were first in line, and within minutes, had been checked into room 805 by the very polite front desk clerk.  Taking the elevator to the 8th floor, we found our room at the very end of the corridor, far from the noise of the elevator and the ice machine.  Yay!

The Room

Room 805 was a standard King room, equipped with what I consider to be a large work area, and fantastic King bed.  There wasn’t a desk per se, but rather a round table with comfortable chairs, and 2 lamps which each had power outlets for plugging in our laptops as well as wired and wireless internet.  I can’t promise that I wasn’t doing something wrong, but I was unable to get the wired internet to work.  Wireless, however, worked fine.  Cost was $13.95 per night.  Overpriced, for sure, but it worked very well.  The room was equipped with a well lit bath area, and the tub even came with a rubber duckie!

Rubber Duckie at the Colonnade

Vanity Area

But a highlight no doubt, was the fabulous bed.  Complete with duvet, and duck feather pillows, I can’t say that I’ve slept in a more comfortable bed in any hotel!  It was great.  So good, in fact, that I just couldn’t get MrsMJonTravel to wake up in time for a tour of Boston!  Oh well.

The Fantastic Colonnade Bed

Nice LCD TV and Keurig Coffemaker Too

Around the Hotel

I just can’t say enough good things about Boston, and the area immediately surrounding the hotel.  The Shops at Prudential Center, immediately across the street from the hotel were quite nice, and home to several great stores.  And better yet, the area surrounding the Prudential Center were great restaurants.  Among our favorites were the Atlantic Fish Company, which we visited for lunch.  Great wine, and my lobster roll was simply divine!  MrsMJonTravel enjoyed her entree as well.  Everything on the menu looked great, and I expect that it was!

Not nearby, but a reasonable cab ride away, was America’s oldest restaurant, The Union Oyster House.  We went there for dinner.  While I liked Atlantic Fish more, our food was good, and the bar service while we waited for our table was just great.  I suggest making a reservation via Open Table if you are going on a weekend, and don’t want to wait 2 hours for a table.  Immediately across the street from Union Oyster, you’ll find the Bell in Hand Tavern.  Have no clue how old it is, or if it has any history at all.  But if you’re looking for a place to drink a bit, do stop by.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the hotel’s own restaurant, Brasserie Jo.  MrsMJonTravel and I only enjoyed a couple of cocktails and dessert there, but rumor has it the restaurant serves terrific French cuisine.  Our dessert was fantastic, and of course, our cocktails were good.  Better yet, Brasserie Jo happens to be a member of Rewards Network, so you miles junkies can pick up a couple of extra miles by dining there.

Checking Out

Leaving the hotel was the biggest challenge.  Just our luck to be behind the 2 people in the hotel that had an issue.  Couple that with a patron who thought she shouldn’t have to wait in line with the rest of us, and we were waiting a few minutes to check out of the hotel.  Why was I waiting?  There was one minor ( $4 dollars or so) mini bar item on our bill, and since we didn’t even have a key to the mini bar, I felt it necessary to get that charge removed from our bill.  It was promptly removed, and we were on our way back to the airport.

The Bottom Line

I look forward to visiting The Colonnade again on our next visit to Boston.  What a great hotel!  I didn’t even have time to visit the rooftop pool in this trip, and I look forward to doing so next time.  The staff was great, our room was great, and the stay was great.  What more could one want in a hotel.  Visiting Boston’s Back Bay area soon?  Give The Colonnade Hotel a try.