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HIGHLIGHTS: Aloft OntarioRancho Cucamonga

This Aloft had excellent service, albeit the same internet problems as many past Aloft experiences. I enjoyed the staff’s flexibility when it comes to breakfast items, and its location was quite convenient to the Indian casinos (for me) and natural and hiking experiences that the lady enjoys. Its comforting design mirroring all other alofts grounds your perspective as well.



As mentioned, Alofts typically are all designed the same way, with a round checkin desk to the right of the entrance, and WXYZ bar directly ahead. Checkin was smooth in the evening, although with one caveat – they have a no party policy, designed to keep out the riff raff and troublemakers looking to stuff 10 people into a room or host large loud parties disrupting other guests. I asked what it was for, and they mentioned music festivals and the like attracting an unsavory crowd. How interesting – have never seen anything like that before.



This room was designed like every other Aloft room. Bathroom alcove, rolling door shower and toilet area, Two desks and a king (or two queen) bed, with rolling blinds. As expected, there was some issue – our internet was very, very slow, and one of the light switches in our room was faulty.



Young millennial crowds, or families were the people I saw. It was lively, with some playing pool, enjoying drinks at an otherwise empty bar, and young staff catering to guests. They have a lounge area you can borrow board games, and were flexible about my bringing it up to the room (although they could not find the Uno! I wanted).


Breakfast turned into Lunch!


They have a bevy of food and drink options, with their Re:Fuel market available for guests. We woke past breakfast hours each time, and they allowed us to spring for lunch grab and go instead – sandwiches, fruit cups, etc.



As we went hiking, we did not use the fitness facility, although I’m sure it looks similar to other Alofts.


Fitness – from Hotel Site. Nice Cabana View.



Double Oreo done right.

Parking was free at the Aloft Ontario – a plus, although there is plenty of space in this area, hours west of Los Angeles. At a low, low price of 3,000 starpoints on weekends, you can’t beat that value redemption. This category 2 hotel was priced at over $120/night for the two weekend nights we were there, so points are the way to go. It’s a solid place – provided they fix the internet. This road trip was so that Lady Hotelion can get the same suite night awards that I got last year, since she was hunting her fifty nights. Additionally, this place is close to a nice shopping mall, Ontario Mills, and a Kung Fu Tea in Rancho Cucamonga. Sign up through this link to get $4 off your first purchase at any Kung Fu Tea. Pretty sweet – as most drinks are $4 or thereabouts anyway! Ontario sounds like a fascinating place to relax and revitalize, and I would love to come back.



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