I recently completed a one-night stay at The Hilton Orlando. This was a pre-cruise stay for me. I was joining MrsMJ who was already at the hotel for a conference. By the time I arrived, the room was… “broken in” since MrsMJ had been there for 5 days already. Therefore, this will be a bit of a mini-review given that I was checking into an already occupied room, and could not take all the pictures I might normally take. MrsMJ was kind enough to take a couple of shots for me before she and her roommate for the conference thrashed the place. πŸ™‚ In fact, if the hotel wasn’t so good in my humble opinion, I’d probably skip the review. I’m mentioning it because the hotel is my favorite domestic Hilton property so far. Not only are the staff top-notch, but the property itself is well designed, clean, and the pool…. I love the pool!!!

Arrival and Check In

I used ExecuCar for my transportation method this visit. A cab is not that much cheaper, and I was on vacation. Had a nice chat with my driver about Florida real estate and within a few minutes, we were at the hotel where bell staff was waiting. I was traveling with an extra bag to aid in the return of some local purchases by MrsMJ, but it was empty for now, so I went directly to the front desk where I was immediately greeted. I advised the front desk that I was checking into an already occupied room and that my information should be in the computer. MrsMJ had stopped by earlier to let them know I was arriving. All they needed was my ID, and with that, I was on my way to the room.

The Room

The room was a double queen room with plenty of space, a TV, a nice desk, and importantly, a refrigerator. As mentioned earlier, MrsMJ snapped a few photos when she arrived.



Sorry for the lack of pictures, but you get the idea. It’s basic Hilton, but a large property with excellent service, and most importantly, a pretty awesome pool. Awesome enough that I would go back to the hotel just to hang out for a few days. πŸ™‚



Trust me, this iPhone 4 shot doesn’t quite capture it well enough. You can review some stock photos of the property, including the pool area by clicking here.

Around the Hotel

As this was a one-night stay, I did not have the opportunity to explore much beyond the hotel grounds. There are outside restaurants within walking distance, and importantly for pre-cruise essentials, a Walgreens is located across the street. Prior to my “cruise” around the hotel’s “lazy river” I enjoyed a snack and a couple of local IPA’s at the Tropics Pool Bar. Beer was cold. Food was typical pool bar. I really enjoyed it because that Sunday afternoon in Orlando was honestly the first day I had been warm all summer!!! It wasn’t awful Florida humid hot….just warm and pleasant with a light breeze. Something we haven’t had much of in the ATL this summer!

Dinner was enjoyed in the hotel’s own David’s Club. A pretty large bar/restaurant inside the concourse that connects the Hilton to the convention center. They have typical bar food, and some tasty entree’s too. Frankly, the New York Strip’s taste and quality surprised me. It was good! There is a concierge lounge that I unfortunately did not have time to visit. I had to choose between that and the pool. The pool won. πŸ™‚

The Bottom Line

I admit that my opinion of my two stays so far at this hotel may be positively influenced by the fact that both were one night prior to starting a cruise vacation, and that I love the pool. That said, I know a good hotel when I see it. So far, I’m confident in saying this is my favorite domestic Hilton property. I will be back.