Here’s hoping the worst is over for holiday travelers in the northeast.  Even if I didn’t sound sympathetic in my last post, trust me, I am.  I can’t imagine a worse week for something like a a blizzard to happen.  Ugh!  Based on press reports from this afternoon, it sounds like things are close to getting back on track.  Mind you, that doesn’t mean everyone is on their way home…..just most that continued to want to fly.

It will be interesting to watch things unfold over the next few weeks.  I wonder if there will be a big move for some kind of government investigation of the mess at JFK this past week, including multi-hour tarmac delays experienced by several international airlines?  The finger pointing has already begun, so I assume something must be underway.  I certainly think the events of earlier this week have all but assured that international flights will now be a part of the 3-hour tarmac delay rule.  Whether that would’ve mattered this week or not, I don’t know.  I guess we’ll find out soon.