Since I harp on from time to time (here and here), I thought it only fair that I post a success (well sort of) story.  I am booked on a 10:00AM Delta flight from DCA tomorrow.  I thought I’d give another shot and see if I could successfully check in, especially since DCA is a mobile boarding pass test site for Delta.

I logged into, and shock of shockers, the “Check In” button appeared on my itinerary.  Of course, when I tapped it, I got some oddball error message.  Ugh!  But then I thought about my recent experience with American’s mobile site.  I even posted about that one too.  I remembered from that experience that I’d discovered a solution on  In that case, I was able to check in using American’s site as long as I was not logged in.  I figured I had nothing to lose in trying that with the Delta mobile site.  So I logged myself out and then selected the “itineraries and check in” option.  Using my confirmation number plus my first and last name, I was able to successfully check in using  I emailed myself a link to my mobile boarding pass, and it looks like I’m all set for my flight tomorrow.

Since both of these sites are managed by Usablenet, I have to wonder if the issues are related?  I’m glad I’ve found a workaround, but is there any reason why I shouldn’t be able to use a mobile site to check in for my flight when I’m logged in?  Seems like a problem in need of a solution to me.