The weather outside is frightful…yadda yadda.  Welcome to the holiday travel crunch.  Predictions of fewer travelers may be true, but weather-related cancellations are playing havoc with any spare seats that airlines may have had.  Pack your patience along with your other belongings if you are traveling this week.

If you are flying be sure to have your airline’s 800 number, your confirmation number AND your electronic ticket number either stored on your PDA or in hardcopy somewhere on your person.  Be nice, and try to remember that yelling will not install more seats on the airplane.

MJ on Travel will be driving this Christmas so I won’t have any war stories to share (I hope).  I’ll be back in the skies on January 5th.  In the meantime, happy holidays to you and yours.  I’ll post again after 12/25, or before if there’s some breaking news that just cries to be blogged about!