The Holiday Inn Express London Hammersmith is one of a myriad of hotel options available in London. Usually I choose to stay at the Premier Inn Hammersmith but on this visit decided on a change.

Priced at £120 for a one night visit, it worked out at £60 per person as I was sharing with a friend. The hotel is about five to ten minutes walk from the Hammersmith Tube Station and close to everything the suburb has to offer.

Check In

Arriving at the front desk, I was seen and dealt with very efficiently by a member of staff. He was quite friendly and I quite liked the welcome I received.

Breakfast was confirmed along with directions to my room. Despite it being just after midday, a room was available so I proceeded quickly to the second floor to my room.

Holiday Inn Hammersmith Guest Room

Upon opening the door, I was confronted by pitch black darkness which was unexpected. Turning on the light revealed a comfortably appointed room.

Apart from the bed, there are tea and coffee making facilities and a small television set up on the wall. Further investigation revealed a choice of pillows.

Rooms must be recently renovated because nothing says new like usb slots on the power outlet. An interesting feature are round knobs on the wall which I guess are for hanging things on.

There is plenty of room for suitcases and all in all I was quite satisfied with how things looked. The beds certainly looked comfortable too which is pretty much the most important thing. Happily they’re also comfortable to sleep in and I slept extremely well.

How About The Bathroom?

Bathrooms feature one of those doors that open inwards to then close the toilet cubicle. Why have two doors when you can have just one? I’ve seen this in a few places now.

I quite like the whole basin surround, partly because I like blue and partly because it looks so fresh. Everything was spotless and showed no signs of wear and tear. Super!

Curtains Everywhere

Uniquely, there is a curtain across the far wall that extended around the corner to the TV. What delights are behind here? I had visions of either being surprised with an entire window or one quite small one. Naturally it was the latter!

The Do Not Disturb sign is noteworthy as it goes on to explain, “We’re Making Ourselves Look Fabulous”. I thought it was a fun little addition for a usually standard sign.

Overall Thoughts

Featuring free WiFi and a decent enough breakfast buffet – which I didn’t take pictures of as it was busy – the Holiday Inn London Hammersmith is a perfectly lovely place to put your head down for the night.

Some money has clearly been spent to make it all quite nice. There is also a bar downstairs which we availed of and there, at check-in and breakfast we found the staff to be really friendly and it made for a nice stay.

I’d certainly stay here again, which is the highest compliment any guest can give. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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