London’s Hilton on Park Lane is the home of a Michelin starred restaurant, Galvin at Windows. Perched high on the 28th floor, the bar offers sweeping views of London.

This week, they announced that they would be adding some new cocktails to their menu. The new line is called, ‘Prescription’ and hopes to cure what ails you (at least until the next morning). Created by bar manager “Doctor” Boris, here’s the recipe for some of the new drinks in case you’d like to order one or recreate the drink at home –

Chilean Medicine – Pisco Aba, fresh lemon, sugar, fresh lemongrass, Peychaud’s bitters
Elixir of Love – Beefeater gin, Passoa, Calvados, vanilla syrup, fresh passion fruit
Penicillin – Laphroaig 10 yo, Monkey 47, ginger, honey, fresh lemon, lavender bitters

The newest of the bunch, ‘The Cool-dest Martini’ might be a little more difficult to mix by yourself. After chilling the liquid down to -18 degrees Celsius, it is moved through ion-charged carbon filters at a slow speed to remove the smallest of impurities.

Cocktails from the new line start at 16 EUR, and “The Cool-dest Martini” will be 20 EUR, classic or dirty style.

Here’s a link to Galvin at Windows‘ website for reservations.