I’m wrapping up a 4-day business trip to Orlando, Florida. This is not my first stay at the Hilton Orlando, will not be my last, and I depart even a bit more impressed with this particular property. I will have a full review of the hotel up by week’s end, but as I sit here in the Executive Lounge, I felt compelled to say something now.

The lounge is largish by domestic Hilton standards, and busy, but not crazy at this hour. The hotel provides a respectable evening spread with options of a meat, veggies, cheeses, different kinds of hummus, and a few other nick-nacks. There is, of course, the ubiquitous “honor bar”  with beers, wine machines featuring 3 or 4 varieties of red and white wines, and a few liquors.

To a tee, every employee I have had some kind of contact with has been unfailingly polite and gracious from the front desk to the restaurant to the coffee shop. Each evening this week, at least two members of hotel management have walked through the Executive Lounge and made it a point to check in with guests and say hello. Same for the lounge concierges.

I’m not a hotel snob, and beyond a bed and a bath, I rarely look for more. That said, this is a really good domestic Hilton hotel. I wish they were all like this, and I haven’t even mentioned the pool area yet. Full review coming soon.

-MJ, May 14, 2014