Well, here I am again…  Not that I’m complaining or anything.  In fact, I love Atlanta.  I’d hoped it would be warmer than DC this visit, but no luck there.  Brrr, it’s cold!  But I will survive.

TSA at Dulles wasn’t that bad, but I have to say I’ve never experienced closure of the security lobby due to crowding and being sent to the “Diamond” checkpoint on the lower level.  That said, it really didn’t take that long to clear all things considered.  I’ve griped enough about TSA’s selective harassment of insulin pump wearers, so I won’t bore you with more.  I just take the pump off at Dulles, and place it in my briefcase.

Delta got me here in fine style, albeit a few minutes late on the departure from Dulles….but certainly early on the arrival in Atlanta.  My Medallion upgrade cleared sometime early Saturday morning, so I’ve been set for this trip for a few days.  As almost always, the Delta inflight staff exceeded my expectations for courtesy, professionalism, and friendliness.  The other “legacy” airlines could take a lesson from the overwhelming majority of their flight attendants in customer service, I think.

The W Atlanta Midtown is taking good care of me (as they always do), and I just had a great dinner at TAP Gastropub.  Now I’m back at the W “Living Room” enjoying a cocktail, and getting through some emails, work, blogging, etc.  I’m probably the least “cool” W customer in the world, but I love the concept, the brand, and especially this W hotel.  They pretty much rock.  I frequently recommend the hotel, have blogged about it before….and I’ll recommend it again now.  If business or pleasure bring you to Atlanta, the W Atlanta Midtown is my favorite hotel in Atlanta.  Stay here!

So..here I am….  in Atlanta again.  Where to next?  Stay tuned.  There’s a lot more to come.