MrsMJonTravel and I spent Sunday morning on the US State Department’s website filling out our passport renewal forms. Mine expires in August while her’s was good for another year, but we elected to bite the bullet together and get on the same passport schedule. We actually started this process a couple of weeks ago with a visit to our local CVS for new photos. Gosh I’ve gotten older and balder since my last picture! 🙂 We picked CVS because it was close, and they have a handy coupon available online for $2 dollars off your photo.

This morning we surfed over to the State Department’s website for passport issues and started the paperwork, filled out our forms online, and within just a few minutes had our renewal applications printed and ready to go. We went with standard passports, no passport cards, and no expedite since the next time we will need the passports at best is August. The fee is $110 dollars per passport for renewal. We’ll dispatch them to the passport renewal center tomorrow via certified mail. After debating whether we could put both applications in the same envelope, we decided that would be just the kind of thing that some clerk would find fault in, so we’re even sending them in separate envelopes.

There are some great memories packed in the pages of our expiring passports. Iceland to Italy, Greece and Turkey, the U.K….and a whole host of Caribbean islands in between. We can’t wait to fill the pages of our new passports. Maybe we should expedite them….I just love having my passport in hand, ready to take on the world! 🙂