Happy New Year blog readers! It’s been a while, I know. Truth be told, I haven’t had much to write about. We drove at Christmas, and frankly, work has been busier than it should be during the holiday season. And then there’s the whole move to our new home. But I have survived! Work travel has slowed considerably with my new job. I knew this would happen, but hey…it was a promotion. I’ll see how long I can tolerate a less-traveled work life.

But all is not lost. Lady Astrojets and I will be jetting down to Miami for ML King Day weekend. We are taking a short cruise on Celebrity Century to the Bahamas. We are flying American, so I’ll be sure and post about our trip.

I am looking forward to 2008. It’s a Presidential election year, which is always entertaining. And did I mention that Lady Astrojets and I will be getting married in October? Hell, I may even decide to divulge my identity and start dispensing travel advice for real! Talk soon.