Today is the first day of January in 2017. A whopping 365 days stretches out before us, waiting to be filled up with adventures.

It is similar to a fresh blanket of snow laid out before you and wanting footsteps.


As a member of frequent flyer and hotel loyal programs, some statuses have been reset to the dreaded ZERO so the journey begins once again to fill in the blanks and attain the desired numbers. Maybe it is just 10 hotel nights, or perhaps you are shooting for 100,000 miles x 3 across different programs.

If you fell short in 2016, there is a lot of time to carefully plan out those hotel stays and flights over the coming year.

I like looking at the entire year’s calendar all at once. I add tentative and confirmed plans for the entire year so that holidays don’t sneak up on me. Here’s the calendar for 2017 via Wikidates


What thrilling destinations and travels will you have in 2017?

Happy New Year, and may you have an incredible 2017 filled with glorious memories and travel experiences.