LifeMiles is one of the most lucrative points currencies out there. I don’t often purchase miles without a specific redemption in mind, except for LifeMiles. The program is the frequent flyer program for Avianca, an airline based in Latin America. Although there are downsides to hoarding miles, I feel that LifeMiles are generally such a useful currency to have that I tend to buy them when they are on sale. Now through March 14th, you can buy LifeMiles with a 125% bonus!

To buy LifeMiles: follow this link.

Avianca LifeMiles Promo

Avianca LifeMiles Promo

How Much Would You Get?

The bonuses are tiered, but the least you can get is 2×1. Between 1,000-50,000 LifeMiles, you get 2×1; 51,0000-100,000 you get 2×1+15%, and between 101,000-200,000 you get 2×1+25%. Here is a graph that shows the special prices.

LifeMiles Bonus

LifeMiles Bonus

What’s the Best Deal?

Since miles can be expensive, the sweetest spots are found where the tiered levels begin. If you need to top off your account, the best bet is to buy whatever you need. If you are looking to plan a redemption from scratch, I would recommend buying the amount you need. You can also pay partially with LifeMiles and Cash which is basically buying miles at the regular price. This is not the best deal, as you can buy them for cheaper with the promotion. Compare it between about 3 cents/mile to about 1.375 cents/mile.


What Can I use them For?

LifeMiles are good on any Star Alliance carrier. There are, however, some restrictions to using them. In order to get a ticket issues (via phone or online) you must be able to see the award ticket on their website. Some itineraries might not be available to LifeMiles but allowed on United or Aeroplan. The program has, however, some of the best sweet spots for redemptions based on the price of miles.

My favorite redemption options are:


90K Miles to North-East Asia on ANA First or Asiana First

75K Miles to Southeast and East Asia on EVA Air

85K Miles to Europe on Lufthansa First

60K Miles from Asia to Australia in Thai Airways First

Thai Airways First With LifeMiles

Thai Airways First With LifeMiles

Lufthansa First With LifeMiles

Lufthansa First With LifeMiles

There have been historically special promotions where you can get these tickets for a discounted price. I have seen Asiana First for 72K miles and EVA Air for 65K miles before. These tend to be announced, but I have had experiences finding the award space on its own without any prior announcement by the program.


Landing Thoughts

I love LifeMiles. They sell their miles as a means to make their program even more profitable. You can easily find award availability through their website, although sometimes you can’t find all options for reasons I don’t know. Their new website is a bit clunkier than their old one, but I understand that learning a new software is always hard. I already bought some LifeMiles under this promotion, and hope to redeem them soon!

What do you think? Are you going to buy LifeMiles at the new promotion? Any specific redemptions you have in mind? Let us know!


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