As the year begins to wind down, I finally have all my flights scheduled for the end of the year. Unless major shifts occur in my schedule, I will finish with American Airlines Executive Platinum Status, and JetBlue Mosaic Status until 2019. With 2017 almost in the rearview mirror (at least when it comes to flying), I have started planning out my goals for 2018. I will be graduating from my Undergraduate Degree in May, and will be planning to celebrate it by doing what I love most: expanding my culture by travelling. However, throughout the year, I want to try out some new airlines, in all cabins of service. For now, these are the list of airlines I want to try:



There are a few airlines that I want to try in economy, to know first hand, how good or bad they actually are. With the introduction of basic economy in the US, there is opportunity for budget carriers to flourish. Here is a list of carriers I want to try in economy, in the US and abroad.


Premium Economy:

For Premium Economy, I would love to sample some of the more interesting carriers out there. Of course, I am going to do my best to fly on American’s P/E, but there are many others I am interested in trying out. Among these are:



There are a few carriers’ business classes that intrigue me. There are some that are very obscure, but others that just look awesome. The list is extensive, and I will probably not achieve them all, but hopefully I will be able to knock a few off the list.

First Class:

From this list, I will probably knock off no more than one or two, but ideally I would fly on these carriers:


Landing Thoughts:

The list is very extensive, and the price tag for these trips will be through the roof. I don’t expect to fly all these airlines, but I will hopefully cross a few off the list. These carriers have intrigued me. I did not put some of the world’s best first classes (such as Lufthansa or Emirates) because at the moment I am not too keen on flying them. The business class airlines is the most extensive that I have ever thought of, and hopefully I will have a chance to try some of them. In terms of economy, these airlines are either hated on (Spirit) or praised (Emirates) and I think it’s worth a shot trying them out. Hopefully, I will have a jam packed year and visit many of these carriers and learn exactly what’s to them.


What do you think? Are there some airlines I should also be looking into that I did not specify? Do you have any further recommendations? Let us know!


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Images from: One Mile at a Time, Wikimedia, Kuwait Airways, Pinterest, TravelSkills, Saudia