I’m just reporting the facts, not commenting on the validity (or lack thereof) of what has happened. By now, mow travelers are aware that the states of New Jersey and New York have adapted stricter rules regarding the return of anyone into the USA that have been in contact with Ebola patients in Africa. This afternoon, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal announced the state of Georgia’s own tightened rules. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Gov. Deal has declared that –

“any traveler entering Georgia who has had direct contact with an Ebola patient will be “subject to quarantine at a designated facility.” In addition, health care workers who have treated Ebola patients will be “visually monitored” — either by video or home visits — for 21 days.”

Of course, Atlanta is one of five US airports where travelers returning from west Africa are limited to returning to, and that are screening for symptoms of ebola. So, do you think this reaction is overblown, or a necessary precaution given the circumstances?

-MJ, October 27, 2014