Are you earning SkyMiles for your Georgia Natural Gas bill? This was one of the first programs I signed up for when I moved to Atlanta. Frankly, I thought it might go away with the advent of SkyMiles 2015, but a mailer I received today indicates that the program remains, but is changing. According to the mailer: “Effective January 1, 2015, customers enrolled in the Delta SkyMiles program will no longer be earning miles for their entire GNG bill (exclusive of taxes), but instead will be earning more miles for the GNG gas and customer service charge portion of their bill. Additionally, Delta SkyMiles Medallion members can earn even more miles.”

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The mailer went onto describe a bunch of things I don’t understand, but I do get this: “Customers on our Guaranteed Bill plan will earn TWO miles for every dollar spent on their monthly Guaranteed Bill Charge. Customers on all other GNG price plans will earn TWO miles for every dollar spent on there GNG gas charges and GNG service charges.” Interestingly, for SkyMiles Medallion members, “Delta will award an additional mile for each dollar spent as described above.”

I need to take a slightly more thorough look, but at first glance, I think I might actually pick up a few more miles out of this change. Visit for more information and complete terms and conditions. Georgia readers, do you participate in this program? It’s an easy way to pick up a few extra miles for something you likely need to do anyway.