I’m pretty sure I’ve posted that I’m off the road for about a month. If not, I Tweeted about it. 🙂 So there. I did have a quick day trip to NYC pop up last week, and that was a great diversion for me. However, now it’s Friday night, and I’m at an airport, but I’m here to pick up MrsMJ who is flying this week, and not me. Nonetheless, I find myself pondering not only things I’d miss about flying in general, but things I’d miss when flying a random “discount” airline and not a traditional airline. (None of this is the slightest bit influenced by MrsMJ writing to me and informing that since she’s flying Southwest, she can’t access a lounge….or even an airport bar where she’s flying from or the fact that I’m sitting in an airport TGI Fridays outside security waiting for her.)

Truth is, I’d miss the airport lounge experience if I gave up completely on the domestic US airlines. Seriously. And yes, I’ve attempted to eat in a domestic airline lounge and acknowledge what I’m saying. I realize our precious US airlines don’t quite measure up to Lufthansa or any other airline when it comes to lounge experiences, but I’ll say this. In all my domestic flying, I’ve managed to build relationships with the folks that work in the lounges. Be they front desk staff or the bartender, they’re all a cut above and I’d miss them if I moved over to let’s say……Spirit, for all my domestic travels.

So on this Friday night, I’ll celebrate the US legacy airline airport lounge. They may not be fabulous, but they usually come staffed with great people equipped to make things happen for you in your travels.

-MJ, June 12, 2015

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