I had forgotten what a special place National Airport (DCA) can be on a Friday afternoon. It’s summer, Congress appears to be in town, and National can actually get a little busy on Fridays. I was number 33 of 50 on the upgrade list, and pretty proud that I made it up that high on a Friday afternoon.

I am now in Atlanta, waiting for my flight to Raleigh. Yes, Same Day Confirmed worked for me. I’m going to write a quick follow up to my “When Change Fees Attack” post for good measure. Tonight, I’m not in much better shape on the upgrade list for the flight to Raleigh, but I did clear for the return tomorrow. πŸ™‚ For those keeping score, yesterday’s upgrade makes brings me to three upgrades as a Delta Silver Medallion since March 1. That’s 19 percent versus over 60 percent as Gold Medallion. Thankfully, I’m rapidly closing in on Gold, and will almost certainly make Platinum Medallion this year.

As promised in my This Week post on Sunday, I’ll be reviewing a new DC hotel, the Mayflower Renaissance Washington, DC. Only a one night stay, and not my first, but the first I actually snapped a photo of the room. The hotel is a favorite of mine, though the new lobby bar isn’t quite as old school DC as it used to be. Fine stay, comfortable bed, functional internet, pleasant staff. Good stay.

And that concludes Friday Night Flights for today, a new weekly feature here at MJ on Travel. Think of it as random musings about the week in travel.