I seek to avoid flying on Mondays and Fridays, but as a business traveler, sometimes our wants are not what we get. A late week business trip forced me to fly on a Friday. Not just Friday, but Friday afternoon at 6PM. Prime hours departing DCA. I had an exit row on the aisle, and life was good. I checked in via Delta’s iPhone app the day before and I was #4 for 2 seats, a place I remained well into Friday. Not just well into Friday, but while I was in the cab heading to the airport. I arrived early enough to catch the 5PM departure, but I elected to sit tight, grab an early dinner, and camp out.

Between the front door and passing security, my 6PM departure became a 6:35PM departure. I had my bag with me, and really just didn’t care about the delay. As I enjoyed a gourmet dinner of chicken fingers and fries, I decided to check the Fly Delta iPhone app. My flight was still delayed, but suddenly, I was #4 for 6 seats. I didn’t get my hopes up as I knew the later flight folks could start arriving and working their way onto my flight. Dinner, a glass of wine, and what do you know, I was #4 for 7 seats. And then, I was here –



The bottom line – never give up on the upgrade, even on a Friday night.

-MJ, August 22, 2014