I may be the only person on earth who likes Friday evenings at the airport. When I was working for an airline, I’d say things were more challenging on Friday evening, but I kind of miss the hussle-bustle from time to time. Then there’s now…when I’m a regular customer and flying home on Friday evening. As weird as it sounds, I like it. The crowds, the buzz, the energy…..I love it. I probably love it more because I can spend my Friday at the airport in the Delta Sky Club doing what people do when they’re in the Sky Club. Relax, have a snack, a refreshing adult beverage, and take care of some work too! It’s all good, and I love it.  And look at what a great selection of beers on tap they have (and Heineken bottles too):

Beers on tap at the Delta A-17 Sky Club

Word to the wise, the A-17 Sky Club is undergoing some pretty heavy renovations, so it isn’t pretty, but I’m sure the construction look will be worth it in the end. In the meantime, plan accordingly. For what it’s worth, the bartenders here are fabulous (Marcus is awesome!), and I love being able to belly up, sit down, and enjoy the conversation…..and the blogging opportunity. Yes, I’m a little out there, but I love Friday night at the airport!