Tony Robbins says that having enough energy to strive for your goals is crucial. I don’t know about my readers, but regardless of how motivated I am I know that if I don’t have enough energy I won’t accomplish half of what I want in any given day. Four Seasons is kicking off a new approach to wellness that includes a focus on how to get more energy in your day. On November 1, 2014 they will reveal a 30 day calendar of challenges on how to achieve more vitality.

Each day of November Four Seasons will have a new activity challenge, with tips and ideas offered by experts around the world. You can join the challenge by following hashtag #30DaysofEnergy .

No word yet on if there will a gold star for those who finish all 30 days, but after completing activities you can use Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to share your experiences. Four Seasons will choose their favorite posts and share to inspire others. Will you join the challenge? I know I’ll follow along.