Dear Readers: It’s Friday, which makes it a great day for a foodie post! Going forward, consider yourself invited to send me ideas or your experiences worth highlighting in this spot. – Barb

For today’s foodie Friday post, I’ve chosen to highlight a fun food-truck piece from the Slow Travel Stockholm blog written by the blog’s editor, Lola Akinmade Åkerström. She’s an award winning writer and photographer whose credits include National Geographic Traveler, BBC and The Guardian. She clearly has an eye for good stuff.

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If you find yourself in Stockholm, you can easily live like a local and get a true taste of the city by downloading the free iTunes app called Streetkäk featured in her story. I’ll refer you to her article for more information, but here’s a quick summary:

Stockholm’s street food scene may still be young compared to cities like New York, but it’s growing and worth exploring.

“It’s an excellent way to dig into fresh affordable meals without breaking the bank,” she writes.

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The Streetkäk app lets users see where food trucks are serving people in real time, and see where they’re planning to serve in the coming days. It also lets you check menus and see photographs, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Expect to find listings for a diverse array of food trucks that specialize in burgers as well as Indian food.

Readers: If you strive to find truly loved local eateries when you travel, tell us about one of your favorite recent experiences. (Also, kudos to you for being adventurous!)