Dutch airline KLM is retiring the Fokker 70 from commercial service. There are now only six weeks left and the final flights are scheduled for 28 October 2017.

Fokker is a former Dutch aircraft manufacturer and KLM are synonymous with the company. The retirement of the Fokker 70 concludes a fantastic 97 year relationship between airline and plane maker.

Fokker 70 Schedule

On popular aviation web site Airliners.net, user lemand91 published the below list of the planned Fokker 70 flights between now and retirement. It is handy for anyone wishing to get on board a flight before they are retired. All flights are from Amsterdam.

Aalborg 6 weekly until 27OCT17
Aberdeen 2 weekly until 28OCT17
Basel/Mulhouse 3 daily until 28OCT17
Billund 1 weekly until 28OCT17
Bremen 5 weekly until 27OCT17
Brussels 5 weekly until 28OCT17
Cardiff 6 weekly until 28OCT17
Dresden 1 daily until 01OCT17, 1 weekly until 21OCT17
Dusseldorf up to 4 daily until 28OCT17
Frankfurt 2 daily (1 on Saturdays) until 28OCT17
Gothenburg 1 weekly 07OCT17 – 21OCT17
Hamburg 1 weekly 09SEP17 – 30SEP17
Hanover 3 daily (2 daily from 01OCT17) until 28OCT17
Humberside 3 daily (2 on Saturdays) until 28OCT17
London Heathrow 1 weekly until 22OCT17
Luxembourg up to 3 daily until 28OCT17.
Norwich 2 daily (1 on Saturdays, 3 on Sundays) until 28OCT17
Nuremberg one flight on 10OCT17
Southampton 2 daily (1 on Saturdays; October frequency varies) until 27OCT17
Stavanger 5 weekly until 29SEP17
Stuttgart 1 daily (2 on Sundays) until 28OCT17
Tees Durham Valley 3 daily (2 on weekends) until 28OCT17

Clearly it is very handy if you live in Europe as there are a number of routes available served by the aircraft. KLM have also published a list of the final flights.

Fokker 70 Final Flights

Saturday, 28 October is the final day of flying for the aircraft. The final flight is from London and KLM note, “The first commercial flight with a Fokker II was on 15 September 1920 to London. The arrival of the Fokker 70 from London on 28 October will complete the circle.”

DUS – Düsseldorf KL1862 arrival Amsterdam 19.05 hrs
NWI – Norwich KL1512 arrival Amsterdam 19.15 hrs
HAJ – Hannover KL1912 arrival Amsterdam 19.15 hrs
BRU – Brussel KL1732 arrival Amsterdam 19.15 hrs
LUX – Luxembourg KL1746 arrival Amsterdam 19.35 hrs
LHR – London KL1070 arrival Amsterdam 20.30 hrs

Seats are apparently still available on some of the flights so act now if you wish to get on board. They do note a “few” seats are available so it may not be easy to get on one.

Overall Thoughts

It is great that KLM have a real sense of history and are giving the aircraft a proper send off. There is an aircraft in a special livery pictured at the top which features Anthony Fokker on the tail.

The full press release from KLM is available here. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Arnoud Raeven via KLM.