Looking back, I’ve had a pretty good year. After not traveling much at all in the first half, things really picked up in the second half. I’ve attained AAdvantage Platinum status on American, but sadly, it’s not looking good for keeping Delta SkyMiles Medallion Silver. I’ve certainly got a good shot at getting it back next year, but my north/south travel just didn’t materialize like I’d hoped…at least not until late in the year. Now that I have staff working for me in Atlanta I’ll certainly be flying Delta more going forward, but not enough to maintain Silver for the new flying year. I like Delta a lot and I’m going to miss being a Medallion member. I think I’ll reattain status in fairly short order. But it’s not going to be fun while I’m flying Delta without it!

I’ll be taking a travel break in October other than a couple of short trips. I’ll be getting myself married in late October and then taking an 11-night repositioning cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas for the honeymoon. I don’t ever recall a time that I’ve been on vacation for two weeks….so I’m really looking forward to that! We’ll board the ship in Baltimore and disembark in Tampa, so there’s only a one-way flight involved. We’ll be flying American back via Miami. Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment. I booked the tickets nearly a year ago and immediately confirmed First Class upgrades using miles, so what can I say? At least we’ll be returning in style! Once I get through the wedding, I’ll have some more business travel to blog about!