Tomorrow, I’m flying Southwest Airlines for the first time in about a year.  MrsMJonTravel and I are headed to Dayton, but flying into Columbus and driving down.  The airfares out of DCA straight into Dayton were stratospheric, and I’ve never been an AirTran fan.  I suppose that won’t matter much longer with Southwest’s acquisition of AirTran.

I was excited to get an email from Southwest today announcing that our flight was scheduled to have Wi-Fi.  I hope there’s no equipment change because I’m looking forward to trying Southwest’s service provided by Row 44.  According to the email, the service will be available for an introductory price of $5 dollars.  I’ll be sure to blog about the experience.

For this trip, I elected to purchase Early Bird Check In for the roundtrip.  I checked in this afternoon, and received A17 and A18 boarding passes.  Good thing I did EBCI, because it didn’t cross my mind to check in for our 2:30pm flight until well after 5:00pm this afternoon!  I’ll let you know how the trip goes.