I don’t reserve hotels through Priceline often, but received an email from them today with a 10% off coupon.

The coupon is good only through tomorrow on Priceline Express Deals, 12/17/2016 at 11:59:59 PM ET for travel as far out as their schedule goes.

Express Deals on Priceline are hotels where the name of the property is revealed after you book and pay. You are given certain details about the hotels such as the location, the star level (ie four star), and what sort of amenities there are such as a swimming pool or free parking. Sometimes with a little research you can figure out the hotel in advance by comparing all the details to those on other websites, but sometimes you are surprised/disappointed once the hotel name is revealed.

Known as “opaque” inventory, hotels utilize this method of selling through third-party online travel agencies to sell unsold inventory at a lower price.


I tested the coupon using a random single mid-week date in February. I added the coupon during check-out but before entering any of my details or credit card info. There is no minimum stay or spend requirement.

I won’t be using my coupon so it is free to be used by the first interested reader.

Use Coupon Code: HLPYLXW844

Here’s a link to the booking page.

Click on Search Express Deals once you are there, and if my coupon code has already been used check your email in case you also received a unique coupon.