I received an email from Hotels.com with a flash sale coupon good for 10% off hotel bookings made by 11:59pm MT, December 20, 2016 for travel completed by April 15, 2017.

The coupon is intended for use with Price Guarantee hotels. Most major hotel chains are excluded from the coupon use, and note that Hotels.com Rewards won’t be earned on the booking with the coupon.

The reservation must also be prepaid, which is my least favorite type of hotel booking because plans tend to change and I like having the wiggle room of flexible reservations. If the savings are good enough and your plans are solid, this might be worth using.

Many of the major hotel chains and properties are excluded from the sale, but not all. I wrote recently about how these coupons can offer really good savings at Four Seasons and Hyatt properties.


Here’s a handy link to Hotels.com website.

Use coupon code EMLDF1016.

At first glance it seemed that it was an individual code issued for each user/email address so I was just going to give it to the first reader that wanted it.

However, in the Terms & Conditions the verbiage clarifies that the coupon code can be used for up to 20,000 bookings –

This coupon is only valid for the first 20,000 bookings made by all customers using this coupon. You’ll be able to check that it’s still valid before completing a booking. There’s a limit of one coupon per booking.

This means that the coupon can be used by lots of people, though restricted in the way that you cannot stack coupons if you have others.

Another interesting thing about this coupon is that it can be used to make up to 5 bookings, rather than just single-use. They just all have to be made by December 20th (or before 20,000 other bookings are made).

10% off isn’t a ton, but a coupon is a coupon and it does offer some savings.

Today is Day 6 of the 12 Days of Giveaways.


For those just joining, click here for full contest details.

To enter today’s contest, leave a comment about online travel agency coupons like this one from Hotels.com. I’m curious if readers find them useful, if you rarely book with third-party agencies, or if you simply don’t find the savings worth the coupon use.

Good luck!