I can’t believe I let life get in the way of my Grand Slam goals, but that’s exactly what happened. Well, work got in the way and I just haven’t given the promo that much thought in the last few days. A rental car this week and a Marriott stay I’m about to complete will earn my 11th and 12th hit. I’m a little embarrassed that I fell behind, but there’s still plenty of time to catch up between now and November 14th.  My motto for this promotion for now is TRY HARDER! My score to date:

1 – US Airways Visa debit card transaction

1 – US Airways MasterCard transaction

1 – Dividend Miles purchase

1 –  SPG transfer

1 – Hilton transfer

1 – Marriott transfer

1 – Dividend Miles toolbar for 3 searches

1 – Purchased Trial Preferred

1 – Dividend Miles shopping purchase

1 – Points.com transfer to US

1 – Avis Rental Car

1 – Marriott stay