For its September magazine, the Wall Street Journal asked various celebrity types like Paloma Picasso, chef Thomas Keller and actress Audra McDonald to weigh in on a single topic – “habit.”

One of the celebs – globetrotting fashion designer Michael Kors – mentioned a travel habit that made me think of you.. He told the Journal:

“At the end of the day, my most consistent habit is that I’m a contradiction. There are parts of me that fully fall in the comforts, the rhythms of life. Iced tea is a constant in my hand—doesn’t matter what time of day or year. When I travel to places I go to often, I always go to the same place: I think I’ve stayed in the same room at Claridge’s in London for 20 years.”

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So, dear READER, we can talk about travel habits all day long – and Kors also raises the interesting topic of extreme loyalty. But I like this question best: Do you try to stay in the same room every time you check into that hotel? Why or why not?