Earlier today I wrote that the owner of The French Laundry restaurant is thinking about adding on a hotel, and has even purchased the nearby inn.

Much as I love the idea I don’t think I’d realistically end up staying at the property. It does sound very convenient to stay so close to the restaurant, and the thought of room service or breakfast is intriguing. As a standalone boutique hotel there probably wouldn’t be any points redemption options for a stay though.

Nightly rates would undoubtedly be quite high as there would only be a few rooms in an extremely desirable (and pricey) location. Plus, I’d want to enjoy dinner at the restaurant too as that is half the fun. At an average of $400 per person for dinner alone (according to the French Laundry website), I just don’t think I’d value the experience highly enough to couple the expensive dinner with the expensive hotel stay.

Some might argue that both the meal and stay combined would be unique, and maybe ideal for a foodie or to celebrate a special occasion.

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