Earlier today I wrote about my experience with not one but two hotel taxi rides that didn’t go as planned. I was very glad that I wasn’t in a hurry to get to my destination, as it could have easily been more of a disaster than it already was. It also made me wonder if the first cab driver realized at the end that it was the wrong destination, or if he really believed the pharmaceutical company was where I was supposed to go. For the second driver, I’m not sure if he simply misunderstood who was going to pay, or just didn’t care.

Getting taken to the wrong place and then being hit up for payment reminded me why I love Uber. The destination is entered before the ride even starts, so there is no confusion. Payment is easy and sorted automatically. Jon with No Mas Coach even shows you how you can even get free groceries by using Uber. Of course, Uber wasn’t an option for these rides and payment wouldn’t have worked the same way. But, I use Uber whenever possible.

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To enter today’s contest for a chance at iTunes gift cards, airline pajamas, or a USPS box stuffed with travel goodies, let me know in the comments below if you have ever had a similar thing happen to you with a taxi. Did I overlook any smart options? What is your take on the situation? .

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