Today is Day 4 of Magic of Miles 12 Days of Giveaways. For full contest details click here.

Baking season is in full swing at my house, and guests with a sweet tooth are enjoying the goodies.

I got to thinking about the giveaway boxes for the 12 Days of Giveaways contest, and whether it was a good idea to include baked goods or not. It’s a smoke-free home, I use organic eggs and real butter rather than diet options, and everyone loves treats. The prize boxes are usually filled with only travel swag though, and it might seem weird or gross to get homemade fudge or brownies from someone you haven’t met.


Of course, the recent survey that DoubleTree did on cookies showed that a full 30% of US adults have re-gifted homemade cookies and passed them off as their own homemade treats.! That’s a lot higher than I would have expected.

Maybe some people would find it nice to have something to regift, glad to have something homemade, or be grossed out by the whole idea.


To enter today’s contest, let me know in the comments – what do you think about having baked goods in today’s winning prize box?

Today’s contest ends at 9pm PST December 16, 2016.