OK, not really “blues”…. but I just looked at TripIt, and for the first time in like…a year, there are no trips on there!  🙂  I like the feeling of anticipation I get when travel is pending….whether it’s business or personal travel.  I put our Christmas roadtrip to North Carolina on TripIt just to make myself feel better!

Things always slow down this time of year.  It’s probably a good thing.  Next year, and new travels will be here soon enough.  Time to rest up, reflect, and be thankful for how fortunate I’ve been.  I took more cruises in 2010 than the average American takes in their lifetime.  I get to travel for both work and pleasure.  I stay in nice hotels, and by virtue of attaining some level of elite status on a couple of airlines, I fly in First Class even though I paid for coach more often than not.  Wonder what next year will bring?  More of the same, I hope.