Club Carlson is out with their first quarter promo of 2017, and rather a targeted offer sent to your email you get to choose between five tiered offers for bonus points you want to earn on stays between January 9 and March 31, 2017.


The choices are:

Stay 1 night = 5,000 bonus Gold points
Stay 2 nights = 10,000 bonus Gold points
Stay 4 nights = 20,000 bonus Gold points
Stay 8 nights = 50,000 bonus Gold points
Stay 20 nights = 100,000 bonus Gold points


Register here.

The tough part about this promotion is that you must choose one and register before your stays, and once you choose you cannot change to a different tier.


Most people probably won’t choose the top 20 night tier for 100,000 bonus Gold points unless they are sure that they’ll be able to reach it since it is so far above the 8 night next tier down.

Of course, if you are thinking you’ll only have a handful of nights and shoot too low you won’t be able to earn any more bonus Gold points if you add in some last-minute reservations.

At least if you already have some stays booked in the promotion period you can count on those, and I like that you get to choose your offer rather than Club Carlson choosing for everyone.