Marriott Rewards is celebrating football season by giving away free points via social media. Right now they’re running a promotion called “Extra Point Sundays” in correlation, and you still have time today (Sunday) to get 1,000 easy Marriott Rewards points.

To participate, you’ll first need to link your Marriott Rewards account to your Twitter account (which will get you an additional 250 points for doing so).

Link your accounts here.

If you link Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you’ll get a total of 750 Marriott Rewards points (you don’t have to link them all to get the free 1,000 points today though, just the Twitter account).

Once you’re done linking social media accounts with your Marriott Rewards account, just answer the question of the week from Marriott’s Twitter account –

Not sure of the answer? It is 11.

Answers must be submitted on Twitter by 8pm EST, using hashtag #RewardsPoints

There are still a couple hours left before the cutoff time, so get Tweeting!

If you get the answer correct, you’ll receive a message saying something similar to, “You got it! Your points will post in 24 hours. Come back next week for another chance to score.”

You’ll then receive 1,000 free Marriott Rewards points in your account. Not bad for just a quick social media reply on a Sunday.