In case you live under a rock, Aer Lingus have a frequent flyer programme called AerClub. Regular readers will remember the guide to the programme that I put together. Anyway, there is currently an interesting double Avios promotion on offer.

Avios is the currency that Aer Lingus use which is the same as that used by British Airways, Iberia and a few other airlines. There is the ability to transfer between programmes which makes things very interesting.

Double Avios Offer

The Supermarket partner in Ireland is SuperValu. Every time I rack up about 200 points in their Real Rewards programme, I log on and convert them to AerClub miles at a rate of one to one.

When I arrived home from work I checked my mail and I had some money off vouchers for the programme. They usually require a €70 spend in one go to use so I rarely use them. It did remind me to check my account to transfer my Avios. Imagine my surprise when I signed in and saw this.

First of all, it’s a double Avios offer which runs from 3 April to 30 April. Second of all, you can convert money off vouchers into Avios. I was completely unaware of this until today. €2.50 in money off vouchers is worth 250 Avios.

My account contained the princely sum of €27.50 in money off vouchers which is 2,750 Avios. With the double miles offer that is 5,500 Avios which is a tidy sum indeed! Needless to say I converted immediately. My usual Real Rewards points converted at two to one.

Overall Thoughts

It is becoming apparently that there are more and more ways to earn Avios in Ireland. SuperValu regularly offer promotions to earn more Real Rewards points and all of these are convertible to Avios. It frankly surprised me that I could get 5,500 miles for €27.50 in vouchers, even if it was a double Avios promotion. To me this is a very good deal!

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Featured image via Aer Lingus’ Instagram.